14. - 18. NOVEMBER 2018


Everybody's Spectacular 2016 brings together a programme of almighty local and international artists – whose diverse aesthetics bring contemporary performance practice to Iceland – with an abundance of playfulness, seriousness and urgency.

Although Everybody's Spectacular 2016 was not programmed around a specific theme, it is difficult to ignore the ways in which these works – when considered together – can be seen to share a capacity to challenge us with urgent questions of our time. In particular, questions of violence, vulnerability and precarity – at the level of our everyday lives; at the level of our everyday bodies.

What makes these works special within this context is the balance each of the works finds between the seriousness and urgency of the content they are dealing with – and the playful space of negotiation they offer to their audience.

We couldn't be more delighted to be bringing this programme to life in Reykjavík this August – and we hope to have you with us for the ride.

See you out there


Team Spectacular