14. - 18. NOVEMBER 2018


A theatrical exercise off the beaten track


Thursday 15th November @ 19:00 // Tjarnarbíó, Tjarnargata 12, 101 Reykjavík // English // 90 minutes

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Chekhov – Fast & Furious appeals by its bite, a sophisticated dramaturgy and the tortuous performance of the adult world by the members of Superamas…”

Helmut Ploebst, Der Standard 

For six months Superamas worked with four youth groups in Amiens, Maubeuge, Reykjavík and Vienna. Starting from Chekhov's famous play Uncle Vanya, young people were led to reflect and react on issues as diverse and personal as: What does it mean to succeed in life? What is happiness? What is sadness? What are the things you regret? What is love?

Young people have seized these themes to express their doubts, anger and hopes at the beginning of the 21st century. Superamas, on the other hand, has been impertinently and ironically focused on recontextualising some of the situations taken from Uncle Vanya that portray the aging members of the artistic collective.

In the end, CHEKHOV Fast & Furious is a theatrical editing work that plays with the codes of representation. Full of winks, references, borrowings, games of doubles and mirrors, the show is a joyous kaleidoscope. A theatrical exercise off the beaten track which leaves pride to a sensitive and fragile youth, determined and generous.


Production: Superamas

Direction, set, sound, video: Superamas

With young adults in 4 cities and Superamas

Reykjavík: Lakshmi Björt Þuríðardóttir Jacob, Silla Berg, Þorbjörg Saga Ásgeirsdóttir, Tómas Arnar Þorláksson, Harpa Rut Harðardóttir, Elfur Gígja Hreggviðsdóttir, Rebekka Guðmundsdóttir, Svanur Pálsson, Tryggvi Kolviður Sigtryggsson

Vienna: Yuria Knoll, Peter Alexander Kopciak, Richi Kuong, Naemi Latzer, Johanna Mettnitzer, Miriam Rosenegger, Gudrun Schmidinger, Katharina Senzenberger, Joseph Cyril Stoisits, Maya Unger, Maria Winkler, Lin Wolf

Amiens: Landri Badjiokila, Ludivine Caron, Elie Denoeu, Inès de Domahidy de Domahida, Vincent Do Cruzeiro, Julie Fortini, Samuel Grunenvald, Ramo Jalilyan, Chloé Monteiro, Léa Platerier

Maubeuge: Marliatou Bachir Bah, Mamadou Barry, Clémence Bove, Alexis Decourtray, Esteban Dehon, Antonin Dewever, Mamoudou Diallo, Ousmane Labbo Diallo, Donovan Fontenelle, Florence Goronflot, Valentin Heniart, Abdoulaye Koundouno, Océane Merveaux

Costumes: Sabine Desbonnets in collaboration with the fashion college Michelbeueren HLMW9, Vienna

Light design: Henri-Emmanuel Doublier

Co-production : Wiener Festwochen, Maison de la Culture d’Amiens, Reykjavik Dance Festival, Le Manège - Scène Nationale de Maubeuge, apap-Performing Europe 2020 - a project co-founded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

With the support of: the City of Vienna – Dep. Culture, Austria / Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles Hauts-de-France, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, France / Région Hauts-de-France / Austrian Federal Chancellery - Arts and Culture / Amiens Métropole, France / Austrian Cultural Forum in Paris

Collaboration: Le Grand Jeu, Sers / Théâtre Jacques Tati, Amiens / Everybody’s Spectacular Festival – organized with Lókal and the Reykjavik Dance Festival.

Translation: Ugla Egilsdóttir, Isolde Schmidt, Howard Fine

Photo: Nurith Wagner - Strauss


„...Superamas manages here to pack personal stories of the young performers into 4 acts according Chekhov´s play which are loosely connected to the events at Uncle Vanja´s country side estate.

Several wastelands in which the youth is dancing nowadays are made visible without the piece becoming a tearjerker.

Chekhov – Fast & Furious appeals by its bite, a sophisticated dramaturgy and the tortuous performance of the adult world by the members of Superamas…”

Helmut Ploebst, Der Standard


„...Less and less young people go to Theater. To see how full of life and united the ones here are performing and play to each other motorically (one would not think that they only recently formed a group) – causes a bit of confidence and hope.

…what is particularly nice in this  production: to see how extremely varied the young adults (note: from the four cities in this project: Vienna, Reykjavik, Amiens and Maubeuge) are inspired by Chekhov´s “Uncle Vanya”.

…Nowhere are they more thrilling than in Maubeuge with a rebellious rap. The Icelanders are in their tonality much closer to Chekhov when they are picking up the words of comfort that Sonja is saying to Vanya at the end of the play: “We will hear the angels sing, (…) We shall see evil and all our pain disappear in the great pity that shall enfold the world. Our life will be as peaceful and gentle and sweet as a caress (…)”. They are transforming it to a melancholic pop song. And lo and behold, the 122 years the text is old, vanish in an instant.

Anne-Catherine Simon, Die Presse