14. - 18. NOVEMBER 2018


How, in which language, is it possible to address all citizens collectively and individually in our fragmented society?


Public Presentation Friday 16th November @ 15:00 // Iceland University of the Arts, Laugarnesvegur 91, 105 Reykjavík // English // 45-60 minutes

Free entry

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Lecture For Every One is not a show. It is an intruder, a gift, a pleasant virus spreading through the complex fabric of the city. In this creation, Sarah Vanhee escapes from theatre and goes out into the world. Like a friendly stranger, the artist enters community gatherings – a board of directors, a court hearing, a neighbourhood association – to give a brief lecture… Since 2013, she's been intruding into 300 meetings all over Europe. She infiltrates as many different contexts as possible, always asking the same question: how, in which language, is it possible to address all citizens collectively and individually in our fragmented society? And can it be done other than through rules and laws, political messages, mass media or advertising? In truth, does a shared frame of reference exist today? Moving ambitiously and widely around the city, Lecture For Every One is an attempt to speak “freely”, in a gesture that combines the singular and the public.

In Reykjavík, Sarah Vanhee has created a special edition, where she herself does not give the lecture, but a teenager from the city itself, Bryndís Bergmann, assisted by Marta Ákadóttir. During the week of 14th – 18th November there will be a public presentation-, the two teenagers will share with the audience their experiences of spreading this guerilla lecture through the city of Reykjavík.

Concept & text: Sarah Vanhee
Created in collaboration with: Juan Dominguez Rojo, Berno Odo Polzer, Dirk Pauwels & Kristien Van den Brande  
Management host organisations & website: Aude Buisson / Linda Sepp

Local production: Aude Buisson

Local assistant: Marta Ákadóttir

Performance Icelandic version: Bryndís Bergmann
Production: CAMPO (Ghent)
Co-production: Kunstenfestivaldesarts & Frascati Producties (Amsterdam)
With the support of: STUK kunstencentrum (Leuven) [Sarah Van1] 
Thanks to: KC BUDA (Kortrijk)
Special thanks to everyone who helped us spread Lecture For Every One.

Follow LFEO on www.lectureforeveryone.be

Sarah Vanhee’s (1980) artistic practice is linked to performance, visual art, film and literature. It uses different formats and is often (re)created in situ. Recent works include Unforetold, The Making of Justice, Oblivion, I Screamed and I Screamed and I Screamed, UntitledLecture For Every OneTurning Turning (a choreography of thoughts). Her work has been presented in various contexts such as Kunstenfestivaldesarts Brussel (BE), Theaterformen Hannover (DE), Next Festival/BUDA Kortrijk (BE), Saal Biennaal, Talinn (EE), Actoral Marseille (FR), Centre Pompidou Metz (FR), Printemps de Septembre Toulouse (FR), HAU Berlin (DE), Kaaitheater Brussels (BE), Van Abbemuseum Eindhoven (NL), Arnolfini Gallery Bristol (UK), Jihlava IDFF (CZ), Extra City Antwerp (BE).

She is the co-author of Untranslatables and author of The Miraculous Life of Claire C and TT. She wrote several texts for specialized press and art-related publications. Since 2009 Sarah Vanhee works in close collaboration with CAMPO, which produced several of her works. She is a member of Manyone.