14. - 18. NOVEMBER 2018


Confrontational, unrestrainedly funny, deeply touching and formally simply virtuoso.


Friday 16th November @ 20:30 // Tjarnarbíó, Tjarnargata 12, 101 Reykjavík // English // 60 minutes

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Cock, Cock… Who’s There? is not your average show about rape, female bodies, online dating, feminism, the male gaze or whatever other ‘issue’ stickers are freely available to be pasted onto it.

Samira Elagoz takes us along on her personal research project across three continents. From online platforms, like Tinder and Chatroulette, to close encounters, she showcases gender relations in their brutal and wonderful ambivalence, and takes the audience on her journey of regaining power and attempts to relate to men. Confrontational, unrestrainedly funny, deeply touching and formally simply virtuoso. In this docu-performance she explores desire, the power of femininity and the female gaze in a world in which the virtual and the real are inextricably intertwined.

Cock, Cock… Who’s There? has been an international hit, touring in cities like Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Edinburgh, Paris, Dublin, Santarcangelo, Munich, Zurich, Copenhagen, Vienna, Oslo, Reykjavík, Brussels, Ljubljana and more to wide critical acclaim. It won the prestigious Prix jardin d’Europe competition at Impulstanz 2017. At Edinburgh Fringe it won the Total Theatre Awards for Emerging talent.

Trigger warning: 16+, deals with the topic of sexual violence

Writer, director, editor: Samira Elagoz

Performers: Samira Elagoz, Ayumi Matsuda, Tashi Iwaoka

Supported by: The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Blooom Award and SNDO