15. - 19. NOVEMBER 2017


“I’ll be ResurrecDEAD as your ultimate fantasy – a sexy dead virgin”.

Notorious probes another world, exploring pop-fetishisations of death, ritual re-birth, and the spectral purity behind The Famous’ whorish behaviour. Pulling from the myth of Medusa, Nicki Minaj, and The Famous’ own legendary self(ie), Notorious explores the redemptive death and resurrection of witches and bitches. In The Famous’ quest for her pure self, ghost-babies, fortune tellers, and hairy-beasts will rise and ruin. True Self- Ness might just manifest from The Famous’ unearthly gaze, if she can put her slutty soul to rest...

Beware the horny ghost.

Notorious interrogates female monstrosity, the figure of the witch, its relation to the contemporary figure of the whore, and the cultural tendency to punish, vilify or redeem that figure.

Since 2010, Lauren Barri Holstein has developed a substantial body of work (Splat!, How to Become a Cupcake, How 2 Become 1, Lady Love, Cherry Pop, Women are Pathetic and How to be Amazing) presented in Live Art, Dance, and Theatre contexts including The Barbican (London, UK), SPILL Festival (London, UK), In Between Time Festival (Bristol, UK), Fierce Festival (Birmingham, UK), Duckie (London, UK), Fresh AiR (London, UK), The Basement (Brighton, UK), FEM Fest (Girona, Spain), and Abrons Art Centre (New York, U.S.), gaining respect and notoriety within the Live Art world (‘Darling of the alternative performance scene’ - Time Out).

Holstein holds a PhD from Queen Mary, University of London, and has lectured at various universities, including Chelsea College of Art, Laban Conservatory of Dance, and Iceland Academy of Arts. She has published several articles and book chapters inacademic and journalistic contexts.